Follicular Puncture

At the time of insemination as a method for eliminating double gestations in dairy cows




Hi, I’m Irina Garcia-Ispierto, professor at the University of Lleida. I would like to welcome you to this website, which will upload our group’s activity. We focus primarily on improving fertility in highly-intensified dairy farms with the research and development of new techniques. Furthermore, scientific outreach plays an important role, as we believe that it is essential for research to reach the specialised sector and also the general population.

On this web portal you will find the main research we do, as well as press appearances, specialized journals and others. In addition, you will find links so you can deepen your themes. I invite you to take a look!


At the time of insemination as a method for eliminating double gestations in dairy cows

Embryonic transfer

As a strategy to improve the viability and sustainability of dairy beef farms


Irina Garcia-Ispierto

Irina Garcia-Ispierto holds a PhD from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2008. She is currently a professor at the Department of Animal Science of the University of Lleida and a principal researcher (IP) of the Bovina Reproduction Group of Agrotecnio and the UdL. His line of research was in the reproduction of dairy beef. His specialties are double gestures, synchronization methods, reproductive ecography, and fertility problems. He has also focused his study on infectious problems such as Coxiella burnetti or parasitaries such as Neospora caninum.

It currently has more than 100 articles in indexed journals and more than 100 participations in congresses, both national and international. He has participated in symposiums organized by companies such as Ecuphar and Ceva and has written numerous articles in magazines.

It is the IP of numerous contracts with pharmaceutical companies and dairy beef farms in the Segrià area, and the IP of a SGR group of the Government of Catalonia, as well as a project to demonstrate the same. She is currently the editor of the journal Animals, animal reproduction section, and a reviewer for various journals such as Reproduction in Domestic Animals, Theriogeology and Journal of Dairy Science.


Articles in scientific journals

López-Gatius, Fernando i Garcia-Ispierto, Irina. 2020. Tranfer of a single embryo versus drainage of subordinate follicles to prevent twin pregnàncies in dairy cows. Why not both? Journal of Reproduction and Development, Advanced Epub April 7, 2020.

López-Gatius, Fernando; Garcia-Isperto, Irina; Serrano-Pérez, Beatriz; Balogh, Orsolya G.; Gábor, György i Hunter, Ronald H. F. 2019. Luteal activity following follicular drainage of subordinate follicles for twin pregnancy prevention in bi-ovular dairy cows. Research in Veterinary Science, 124: 439-443.

Articles en revista professional

Garcia-Ispierto, Irina. 2020. Prevención de las gestaciones gemelares en vacuno lechero: un camino hacia la innovación. Albéitar, 234: 4-6.

Specialized journal articles