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Articles in Scientific Journals

López-Gatius, Fernando and Garcia-Ispierto, Irina. 2020. Tranfer of a single embryo versus drainage of subordinate follicles to prevent twin pregnancies in dairy cows. Why not both? Journal of Reproduction and Development, Advanced Epub April 7, 2020.

López-Gatius, Fernando; Garcia-Isperto, Irina; Serrano-Pérez, Beatriz; Balogh, Orsolya G.; Gábor, Gy.rgy and Hunter, Ronald H. F. 2019. Luteal activity following follicular drainage of subordinate follicles for twin pregnancy prevention in bi-ovular dairy cows. Research in Veterinary Science, 124: 439-443.

Articles in Professional Journal

Garcia-Ispierto, Irina. 2020. Prevention of the gemillary gestaciones en vacuno lechero: un camino hacia la innovación. Albéitar, 234: 4-6.